Learn how to use the Compare Documents feature to see the differences between two versions of a PDF file.

Locate the Compare Documents tool    

Open Acrobat DC and choose Tools > Compare Documents.    


Choose the documents to compare

In the Compare Documents dialog box:

  • Choose the documents you want to compare.
  • If you only want to compare certain pages of the documents, enter the page range.
  • Select from one of the three types of document descriptions to ensure Acrobat understands the contents of the document accurately.

Click OK.


Review the comparison summary

The Summary page shows you the differences between the two files.

Click Get Started: First change is on page 1. to view the first difference.    


Choose compare options

You can expand the Compare panel by clicking on the icon on the left side of the Acrobat DC window.

From the Options pull-down menu, choose how you want to review the comparison results, such as Synchronize Pages or Show Documents Side by Side.


Review change details

Acrobat DC adds comments to identify the changes in the documents. Hover over the highlights to see what has changed between the two versions.


Contributor : Ryan Bubnis

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