Disable Adobe Create PDF online service conversion for Office on Mac OS

In addition to a local Office application, Acrobat also uses Adobe Create PDF online service to convert Office documents to PDFs on Mac OS. IT admins can disable the online service conversion option, and force the PDF creation from Acrobat or the Create PDF Add-in to use the local office application.

Feature lockdown to disable the service conversion in Acrobat

If you do not want users to see the service conversion workflow in Acrobat, use the feature lockdown keys to suppress it.


 bToggleAdobeDocumentServices, bToggleServiceConversion

Data type

Boolean (YES/NO)



Version #

April 2017 (Acrobat continuous)

Loc path



Specifies whether to lock the service conversion functionality in Acrobat that allows Acrobat to use the Create PDF online service to convert documents to PDFs.


Possible values include:

  • NO: The service conversion is enabled; Acrobat can use the service to convert documents to PDFs.
  • Yes: The service conversion is disabled; Acrobat can use the local application to convert documents to PDFs.

Disable the service conversion feature only from Office Add-in

Following are the keys to disable the online service from the Create PDF Add-in:

  • ToggleAdobeDocumentServices
  • ToggleServiceConversion


  1. Navigate to the following location: /Users/<user>/Library/Containers/com.microsoft.Word/Data/Library/Preferences/

  2. Open the com.microsoft.Word. plist file. 

  3. Create a new key (one or both the keys listed above) of type Boolean.

  4. Set the value to YES.


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