Adobe Connect Add-in 3.5 For Microsoft Outlook Release Notes

About Connect Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

The Adobe Connect Add-in for Microsoft Outlook provides Adobe Connect users with a fast and easy way to schedule and invite others to Adobe Connect Meetings from within Microsoft Outlook.
Read the Help files included with the product installer for more details on the full feature set of the Adobe Connect Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

What's New

The new version provides some key new features besides addressing a number of open issues from the earlier releases.

What's New in Adobe Connect Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

New Edit Adobe Connect Preferences

The Preferences menu now combines both the ‘Meeting Room Information’ and ‘Logon Information’ together in one single panel providing a single place for all changes.

Delete Room
Users can now delete meeting rooms from the Outlook addin.

Edit Meeting Room

Allow users to modify/update the meeting room title/name and add existing audio conference profile to existing meetings.

Edit Meeting Room feature in Adobe Connect add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Key changes to System Requirements

For system requirements to use Adobe Connect to host and attend meetings, please visit

Version 3.5 adds support for the following platforms:

  • Supported Platforms: Windows 8
  • Supported Microsoft Outlook version: Microsoft Outlook 2013

Upgrading to Version 3.5

Version 3.5 of the Adobe Connect Add-in for MS Outlook is a completely re-architected offering. If a previous version of Adobe Connect Outlook Add-in is currently installed, it should be uninstalled prior to the installation of version 3.5. Steps are as follows:

  1. Uninstall any previous version of Adobe Connect Add-in for MS Outlook using Control Panel Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features.
  2. Download version 3.5 from
  3. The download package includes instructions for the installation of version 3.5. Follow these instructions to complete the installation of the new version.

If a previous version is not uninstalled prior to the installation of Version 3.5, both versions will display within MS Outlook. Such a state is not recommended.

Issues Resolved




Fixed issue where if you have Outlook Add-in or OCS Add-in already installed, the installer pops an error dialog and requires user to manually uninstall


No error message is given to user if user tries to install 64 bit add-in on 32 bit environment


Ability to edit meeting information with Outlook Add-in


Fixed issue where after installing Connect outlook add-in as a user without administrator privileges, Add-in tab not visible in menu of outlook


Fixed issue where "Always Connect Using SSL" needs to be set by default


Fixed issue where Meeting Invitation doesn't contain all the information about Audio Conference though that is present when invite sent from server


32bit Only: Fixed issue where Installation UI is always in English.


Fixed issue where associating Connect meeting to an OL invite overwrites subject & content


Fixed issue where Outlook add-in throws errors in creating meeting room when SSL-option is enabled


Fixed issue where Add-in keeps on appending meeting details


Fixed issue where URL always shows HTTP


Fixed issue where Outlook Add-in is not visible in Outlook - Win7 & Office 2007


Fixed Add new server / User Login problem


Fixed issue for Connect Outlook Add-in Dialog Management


Fixed issue where Connect Outlook Add-in appointment location should not contain the meeting room name


Fixed issue where error received "Failed to initialize configuration file! Check log file."


Fixed issue in first time installation wizard for Connect Outlook Add-in


Fixed issue where Location field is overwritten


Demarcate Connect information in the Outlook invite


Fixed issue where users are not able to install Outlook Add-in for " for Everyone" option though able to install with "Just for me" option

Known Issues




The word permanently is misspelled


The Adobe Connect Outlook Add-in installer should prompt users to close MS Outlook prior to installing the Outlook Add-in


LOC: Localize all Wizard's dialogs and new Preferences dialog

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