This page lists the bug fixes in After Effects CC (June 2017) release.

For a list of bug fixes in earlier releases of After Effects, see List of bug fixes in After Effects CC (April 2017) release.

Bug fixes related to render issues

Issue Status
After Effects takes time to display the first frame when you open a project containing an Ai or PDF file or import an Ai or PDF file in a project. Fixed
After Effects could generate unreadable footage when you apply Camera-Shake Deblur effect with Project Bit Depth set to 16bpc or 32bpc. Fixed
CINEMA 4D Renderer could fail to render frames and result in a blank composition or display an error message, “CINEMA 4D Render Failed (5070::0)”. The issue occurs when you enable Motion Blur and view composition in a 3D view. Fixed
Render time of a Dynamic Link composition with a text layer, including legacy text templates and Motion Graphics templates could be slower in the previous releases of After Effects CC.
Sample Motion Graphics templates installed by After Effects such as News Lower Third Left.mogrt fail to render in Premiere Pro. The issue appears when you install After Effects on a computer with Creative Cloud language settings set to non-English. Fixed

Bug fixes related to functional issues

Issue Status
On Windows, Lumetri Scopes panel displays scopes at a reduced size on HiDPI displays. Fixed
After Effects displays an unexpected error message, “file '<folder name>' cannot be imported this '????' file is damaged or unsupported” when you open a project with missing JPEG sequence footage. Fixed
When you bring a vertical text layer in a Premiere Pro graphic object to After Effects, it changes to horizontal text layer. Fixed
When you paste a Premiere Pro graphic with the Fill attribute disabled in After Effects, the shape layers are pasted with a red fill. Fixed
When you paste a Premiere Pro graphic with Bars and Tone clip layers in After Effects, an unexpected error message is displayed, "After Effects error: strange situation [0/-24112]. ) 26 :: 79 )". When you click OK, another error message is displayed, "After Effects: AEGP Plugin Premiere Pro Import: Unknown error. ( 5027 :: 12 )". When you click OK for the second time, the Bars and Tone clip layer is pasted as a solid layer. Fixed
When you copy a Premiere Pro graphic object layer with visibility (eyeball) off and paste it in After Effects, the visibility is automatically turned-on. Fixed
Team Projects prevents you from deleting a footage from a project if a composition or sequence has a dependency on it. The issue occurs even when you delete the dependent composition or sequence. Fixed
When you copy Premiere Pro graphic objects in After Effects, keyframes at frame zero are adjusted forward one frame. Fixed

﷒Some parts of the After Effects user interface could display inconsistent brightness when you change brightness settings in Preferences > Appearance.

(Exception: CEP panels such as Libraries panel could still display inconsistent brightness levels.)