Bugs fixed in July 2018 release of After Effects (version 15.1.2)

Use this document to see the bugs fixed in the July 2018 release of After Effects (version 15.1.2)

Bugs fixed in Master Properties

  • In a composition with multiple copies of the same nested composition with master properties, if you enable the Collapse Transformation switch for any of the copies, the other copies can render incorrectly. The copies render with the modified master property values, unless you modify the properties individually.
  • When you modify the value of a Time Remap master property, After Effects is unable to return the correct time value in the master composition.
  • When you modify a master property for an audio effect or property such as Tone, the audio playback does not reflect the changes.
  • Motion blur is disabled when the values of Master Properties that affect motion blur are changed.
  • If your project contains multiple master properties by the same name, the expressions that refer to the master properties evaluate incorrectly.
  • After Effects ignores the Master Properties that affect mask paths, Beizer shape paths, or Paint stroke paths.
  • Master Properties for 3D cameras or lights are ignored by effects that react to cameras or lights such as Shatter and Maxon CINEWARE.
  • When you scrub the value of a Master Property in the Timeline panel, the value is limited to the range defined in the Essential Graphics panel.
  • When you paste a property value onto a master property, it fails to update the composition, or to update the Pull and Push buttons of the Master Property.
  • When you modify a master property, but then delete it from the Essential Graphics panel and then add the same property from a different layer, the new master property references the incorrect layer.

Other bugs fixed

  • In After Effects 15.1, some of the Type 1 PostScript fonts don't appear in the Font Family menu.
  • After Effects crashes when, you pre-compose a layer by right-clicking on the layer bar in the Timeline panel.
  • When you apply the Warp Stabilizer VFX and 3D Camera Tracker effects on your footage, the Effect Controls panel does not display the status of the footage analysis.
  • The Property Link pick whip incorrectly writes a self-referential expression for the other selected properties.
  • Playback of frames with a large memory requirement such as 8K at 32-bpc skips frames if the Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels preference is enabled and the GPU is unable to copy the frame buffer fast.
  • After Effects displays and error, "After Effects error: ( 83 :: 2 )" when you Import a PSD file created with Export Data Sets as File.
  • 3D paragraph text layers with text animators are cropped to the visible pixels of the layer to the paragraph bounding box.
  • When you set the color mode to 8-bpc or 16-bpc, the Fractal noise effect can render differently when using Mercury GPU and Mercury Software.
  • On macOS, WAV format is not available in the Format menu of the Output Module Settings dialog.
  • When you uninstall After Effects 15.1, if you click the Yes, remove app preferences button, the 15.1 preferences folder does not remove the 15.1 preference folder.
  • After Effects crashes, if you use a script to add properties to the Essential Graphics panel and then save a project.
  • Issues where certain QuickTime files containing MPEG-4 video would import as audio only.
  • You can receive an error message, “Can't import file ".ffx": unsupported filetype or extension. ( 0 :: 1 )” when you double-click an animation file in Bridge, to apply it to After Effects.
  • Crash issues reported through Adobe Crash Reporter.
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