Migrate PDF content sheet templates from previous versions to Bridge CC (version 8.0)


Templates created using the Adobe Output Module plug-in in Bridge CC 2017 (version 7.0) and earlier releases go missing when you update to the October 2017 release (version 8.0).

Product version affected

October 2017 release of Bridge CC (version 8.0)

Operating systems

Windows and macOS


In earlier versions of Bridge CC, the custom user templates created using the Adobe Output Module plug-in were saved in .json format. The October 2017 release of Bridge CC (version 8.0) has a new Output workspace that saves the templates in .xml format. To open the templates saved in .json format in the latest release of Bridge (verion 8.0), you need to convert them to .xml format.


Use the script bridgeTemplateMigration.jsx given below to convert your .json templates to .xml templates in Bridge CC version 8.0 in a single run.

You'll need the following applications installed on your system:

  • Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC
  • October 2017 release of Bridge CC (version 8.0)
  • An older version of Bridge CC (Bridge CC version 7.0, Bridge CC version 6.3, Bridge CC version 6.2, Bridge CC version 6.1, Bridge CC version 6.0)

Follow the steps given below to migrate templates to the latest version of Bridge.

  1. Download BridgeTemplateMigration.zip and extract its content on your computer:



    The BridgeTemplateMigration.jsx is being provided to users with a valid Adobe Bridge subscription and its use is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy.

  2. Open ExtendScript Toolkit CC on your computer.

  3. In the ExtendScript Toolkit, choose File > Open and select BridgeTemplateMigration.jsx.

  4. Select ExtendScript Toolkit CC as the executable and Main as the script engine set.

  5. Choose DebugRun. Alternatively, click the Start Running The Script button  to run the script.

  6. Enter the number corresponding to a version for which you want to migrate your templates in the dialog box that appears on the screen and click OK.

  7. Relaunch Bridge CC version 8.0 and access your custom templates in the Output workspace. For more information, see Create PDF contact sheet in the Output workspace.

  8. (Optional) To migrate your templates to Bridge CC (version 8.0) from another older version of Bridge installed on your system, repeat steps 1 through 7.


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