Learn how to perform bulk operations in the Admin Console, using a CSV file.

What you learned: How to perform bulk operations in the Admin Console

You learned to perform the following bulk operations in the Adobe Admin Console.

  • Adding users: You can add the users to Product Profiles, User Groups, and assign Admin Roles at the same time.
  • Editing user details: You can modify the Product Profiles, User Groups, and Admin Roles assigned to the users.
  • Edit Identity Type: As a System Administrator, you can change the identity type for the users in your organization.
  • Remove users: You can revoke access to Adobe products and services, without deleting any associated data.
  • Export user data: You can download data for users who are currently registered in the Admin Console to a CSV file.

You also learned to view the details of the operation performed on the Bulk Operation Results page. For more information, see Manage Users.

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