Issue: With custom plans, some Creative Cloud for enterprise apps revert to trial

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers can use the Admin Console to manage users, groups, and entitlements.

Earlier, groups that had a Design, Web, or Video custom entitlement inferred on them were able to license even non-entitled apps by directly downloading or installing them using the Creative Cloud desktop application.


We have made server-side changes to correct this behavior. All new installations behave as expected, and entitlements are explicit.

For existing deployments the behavior is as follows:

  • If users are signed in, all applications including any which should not be entitled continue to function until the local license duration expires, which is “Effective End Date of Subscription” + “Grace duration.” Grace duration can be 30 days if the machine is online or 99 days if the machine is offline.
  • If users sign out and back in, then only the applications inferred to them will be licensed. Applications no longer entitled revert to trial.
  • If a user would like additional entitlements, then the admin should amend the user’s group membership to infer the desired entitlements. For more information, see Manage Groups.
  • If IT would like to force a sign-out, so that the user is forced to sign in thus picking up the correct entitlements then they can use the Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition (APTEE) to force a sign-out. The syntax required for APTEE is as follows:
    • Windows: .\adobe_prtk --tool=UnSerialize --leid=V7{}CreativeCloudEntWeb-1.0-Win-GM --deactivate
    • Mac: ./adobe_prtk --tool=UnSerialize --leid=V7{}CreativeCloudEnt-1.0-Mac-GM --deactivate

For more information on the command and Adobe Provisioning Toolkit, see Using Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition.