Managing your customers

Learn how to use the Reseller Console to add and manage customers.


To view the details of your customers, sign in to the Reseller Console dashboard and click the Customers icon. 

You can use the Customers page to create new customers or manage existing ones, create Purchase Authorizations for them, and track the status of all your customers.

To view a list of all the customers being handled by you, enable the Managed by me option located on the left rail of the Customers page. By default, all customers handled by your organization can be viewed by navigating to the All Customers page.

Managed by Me Filter

Download customer report

To export your VIP customers list as a .csv file, navigate to the Customers page and select the All Customers option located at the left side of the page. On the All Customers page, click  located at the top-right corner to download your customers list as a CSV file.

Download CSV file

Managing Customers

The Customer page on Reseller Console provides the following options to navigate and filter customer details in your organization.



No Products

Customers have received the invitation to join the VIP program, but have not yet requested any products.*

To add products, create a Purchase Authorization (PA) or place an order.

Pending Requests

Customers have requested immediate access to products using a Purchase Authorization, but an order has not yet been placed to pay for those products.

Past Due Requests

Customers have requested products using a Purchase Authorization (PA), but are late in providing the payment. Remit the payment for these customers before their licenses are deactivated.

  • Overdue status (31–60 days) – Customers can still use the license(s), but will be unable to add any additional PAs until an order is fulfilled.
  • Suspended status (61+ days) – License(s) can no longer be used, and no additional PAs can be created. 

Upcoming Renewals

The Reseller Console will begin notifying you of upcoming renewals 45 days before the customer’s Anniversary Date. Begin notifying these customers of their upcoming renewal opportunity. 

Ready for Renewal

Customers are within the renewal window and can place renewal orders. Begin notifying these customers of their renewal. 

All Customers

All customers who are managed by your Reseller ID. 


*VIPs with No Products can be removed by selecting the trash can icon in the top-right corner of the Customers page.

To access the details of specific customer, use the navigation option in the left rail to quickly filter the list of customers and cick the desired customer's name. When the pop-up menu appears, click the customer's name again. You can view the customers details in the next window.

Customer Details

You can add the customer to the Reseller Console by sending them an invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan. Once the invitation is sent, a VIP ID is issued, and an initial order can be placed. 

The organization contact receives an email invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan. To accept the invitation, the VIP Member must sign in with, or create an Adobe ID. Accepting the invitation gives the VIP Member access to the Admin Console to begin managing products.

Follow the instructions to learn how to add a new customer to your organization:

  1. In the Customers page, click the Add Customer Organization icon  located at the top-right corner.

  2. Enter the following details in the Add Customer Organization dialog box that opens:

    • Organization Name and Market Segment*
    • Type (Team or Enterprise offerings)**
    • Region, Address, and ZIP or Postal Code
    • Email address and name of the primary contact in the organization

    *If the customer’s organization name contains special characters, ensure you also provide the US English characters.

    **This selection impacts the product options that display in the Admin Console when the VIP Member creates a Purchase Authorization. The Account Manager can add either offering type (Team/Enterprise) at any time.

    Invite Customers


    New VIP enrollments are eligible for the extended term option. VIPs can choose their own anniversary date and/or an extended term duration, for which they pay up front.

    When initiating the VIP invitation in the Reseller Console, make sure the box Select customer Anniversary Date for customer is checked. After that, select the customer’s desired Anniversary Date. This date will be selected by the Account Manager on behalf of the customer and cannot be changed later.

    Organization Contact


    Extended term subscription options:

    • Commercial: 13–36 months
    • Education and Government: 13–48 months

    VIPs with the extended term will automatically renew with 12-month subscription.

  3. Click Invite Customer.


    Customer information cannot be edited once the invitation has been sent, ensure that there are no errors in any of the fields. All fields must be completed before you are able to proceed in sending the VIP Invitation. 

    If you catch a typo after the invitation has been sent, do not place an order or add a PA; remove the erroneous VIP Invitation and create a new VIP Invitation.

  4. The organization's contact receives an email invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan. The customer must accept the Terms and Conditions to access the Admin Console and begin managing products.

You can add a customer with an existing reseller by sending a reseller change code. The customer must request the change of reseller and provide you with their VIP Number and Admin Email.

The organization contacts receive an email with their reseller change code. They must change the reseller in the Admin Console within 72 hours. The customer will appear on your Customers page when the reseller change process is complete.

Follow the instructions to add a customer with an existing reseller:

  1. On the Customers page, navigate to the Reseller Change for Customer   icon, enter the following details and click Send Email:

    • VIP number
    • Admin Email
    image displays Reseller Change for Customer dialog with entry fields: VIP Number and Admin Email


    Ask the customer for any system admin's email.

  2. All the organization's System Admins receive an email with the reseller change code and instructions for completing the reseller change process. Then, the customer must complete the reseller change process within 72 hours. 

    • Any of the customer organization's System Admins may use the reseller change code. The code expires after the first use. 
    • If a customer’s reseller change code expires, you can send a new code.
    • You can send up to five reseller change codes per day.

How to view customer information

You can view the following customers details for your customers.

Fields Description
VIP ID This is the customer's unique identification number.
  • A Value Incentive Plan ID is issued the day the invitation to join VIP is sent to the customer by the Account Manger through the Reseller Console.
  • The VIP ID will be issued when the VIP Invitation is sent and can be viewed in the Reseller Console. The initial order can be placed immediately after the VIP Invitation is sent.
Primary Contract Owner

The contract owner is the primary administrator or the system administrator with access to the contract details. The Reseller Console displays the name and email of the primary contact or administrator for the VIP.

If the customer would like the primary contact to be changed from themselves to someone else in their organization and they have not yet accepted the VIP Terms and Conditions, then you can resend the invitation to a new email address. If they have accepted the Terms and Conditions, ask them to follow the normal process to change the contract owner in the Admin Console.

Customer’s Address  The street address along with the city and postal code of the VIP organization.
VIP Invitation status * The VIP Invitation status will either populate with Accepted or Pending depending on whether the VIP Terms and Conditions have been accepted by the primary contract owner.
  • Accepted – Customer has accepted the VIP Terms and Conditions.
  • Pending – Customer has not accepted the VIP Terms and Conditions.

In the event of a pending status, the Account Manager can change the email address that the information is sent to by selecting Send reminder. No other customer information can be edited.

Type There are two types of VIPs: Team and Enterprise. Team and Enterprise licenses can be purchased on the same VIP, even when a VIP is initially created as one type.
Anniversary Date

The Anniversary Date recurs each year on the same calendar date, automatically calculated as one year (12 months) after either the date Adobe accepts the Member’s initial order or, if earlier, the customer’s initial Purchase Authorization date. The Anniversary Date: 

  • Serves as the date each year when all subscription licenses must be renewed.
  • Serves as the basis for any monthly proration calculations.

Make sure the customer understands that their initial Purchase Authorization may set their anniversary date. When placing the customer’s initial order, reference the first Purchase Authorization so that the Anniversary Date is set appropriately. Process customer orders in a timely manner; the customer’s Anniversary Date will be set when Adobe receives the order.

Market Segment There are three types of VIP market segments: Commercial, Government, and Education. Select the market segment that applies to your VIP.
Managed by This displays the Reseller Team Member that the VIP is assigned to. This contact ensures that all accounts are updated. For details, see the section How to add and remove team members in How to add and remove team members.
VIP Select VIP Select is a loyalty-rewards level for VIP Members who purchase ten licenses or more during a subscription term. VIP Select offers discount levels for Commercial, Government, and Education. Learn more about how VIP Select works.
VIP Select with three-year commit** After qualifying for VIP Select, 3-year commit is an extended term with annual payments and includes a set price on a defined license quantity. 3-year commit is available for Commercial, Government, and Education segments. Learn more about 3-year commit.

*The same admin cannot be the primary admin on multiple VIPs with the same exact organization name. The customer will not have the ability to accept the invitation. 

**The 3-year commit is not available to customers with an Extended paid-up-front subscription VIPs.

Under the Plans tab, you can view your customer’s licenses that have been fulfilled or their pending licenses. Also, you can view licenses that have been assigned (Total active) and the license count for licenses unassigned (Total available).

For information on renewals, see the section How to manage renewals in Managing customer licenses.

You can cancel a Purchase Authorization and remove products in the Reseller Console if the license have not been assigned. Customers will lose access to the products associated with the Purchase Authorization.

Follow the instructions to learn how to cancel a Purchase Authorization for a customer.

  1. On the Customer details page, scroll to the Order and Authorization History section.

  2. Click the [X] icon. The Purchase Authorization will be successfully cancelled.


    You can only cancel a pending purchase authorization.

    If you have already placed an order with Adobe, request a return authorization.

Processed renewal orders can be seen in the Renewal History section of the VIP Customer Details.

Learn more about accessing Reseller Console

See the following pages to learn all about the Reseller Console.


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