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The Audience Manager integration has been deprecated in AEM 6.2.

For more information, please read Deprecated Features.

As part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager consolidates audience information from all available sources. It identifies, quantifies, and optimizes high-value target audiences, which can then be offered to advertisers via an integrated, secure, privacy-friendly management system that works across all advertising distribution platforms.

Before reading further you should be familiar with Adobe AudienceManager and the official Audience Manager documentation.

Once Audience Manager is configured, it provides new components in the Client Context.


In order to use this feature you must have a valid Adobe Marketing Cloud Audience Manager account.

You will be able to get the necessary technical information from your Adobe account representative or internal Audience Manager contact.

You will need:

  1. A login to Adobe Audience Manager (username and password).
  2. Access to the Adobe Audience Manager Administrative UI for Audience Manager Configuration tasks.
  3. An Audience Manager ClientID and ClientSecret - this is not your username and password mentioned above. It identifies the AEM instance to the AudienceManager server and is shared by all configurations on the AEM instance.
  4. The Audience Manager partner ID.
  5. The Audience Manager container ID.

You should ask your contact to ensure that OAuth refresh tokens are enabled on your account as this will enable to to authenticate once every 30 days for administrative purposes. Without the refresh tokens you will have to authenticate once every 11 hours.