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Browse to New Site on Publish

Now that the newly created community site and its enablement resources and learning path have been published, it is possible to experience the Enablement Tutorial site.

Begin by browsing to the URL displayed when creating the site, but on the publish server, e.g.

If the default home page was set, then simply browsing to http://localhost:4503/ should launch the site.

When first arriving at the published site, the site visitor would typically not already be signed in and would be anonymous.



Anonymous Site Visitor

An anonymous site visitor is immediately presented with the login page for this private enablement community site.  Notice there is no option to self-registor nor login with Facebook or Twitter.

Notice this home page shows four menu items : Assignments, Ski Catalog, What's New and Discussions, but none may be reached without signing in.


It is possible to grant anonymous access to an enablement site without allowing site visitors to self register.  

If an enablement resource is set to show in catalog and allow anonymous access, it will be possible for anonymous site visitors to view resources in the catalog.

Enrolled Member

This experience relies on users Riley Taylor and Sidney Croft being created and assigned to the Ski Lessons learning path through their membership in the Community Ski Class  group.

Login with

  • username : riley
  • password : password

If the user profile was not created through self-registration, the very first time a member signs in, their Profile page is displayed so they may verify and modify it as necessary.

The next time the member signs in, the home page, identified by the first menu item, is displayed.



The Assignments page is where the member is shown all of the learning paths and enablement resources assigned specifically to them.

Each assignment provides basic information as to

  • the type of Assignment
  • whether it is a new Assignment
  • the name
  • details relevant for the type of Assignment
  • Assignment contact, expert, and author (if provided)

The type of Assignment is indicated by an icon in the upper left corner of the card.  The image of a road is for a learning path with the number of included enablement resources.


Selecting Ski Lessons will display the two enablement resources referenced by the learning path.


Selecting Ski Lesson 1 will open the enablement resource's details page.

From the details page, the member is able to learn, rate the lesson and add comments.  Any member activity will be reflected in the What's New section of the site.

Interactions with the enablement resource will be noted in the Report section accessible in the author environment.


Ski Catalog

The Ski Catalog page is the catalog of enablement resources tagged with tags from the Tutorial namespace.  The two Ski Lesson resources are tagged with the Skiing tag, such that if any tags other than All or Tutorial: Sports / Skiing is selected, nothing is displayed.

When a member has not been assigned enablement resources, either directly or through a learning path, it is possible to interact with enablement resources located within a catalog and provide feedback through comments and ratings.



In addition to rating and commenting on enablement resources (when enabled), the community site template from which Enablement Tutorial was created includes the forum function  (title is Discussions)

Select the Discussions link and post a topic.

Log out and Log in as Sidney Croft (sidney / password) and reply to the question, as well as Follow the topic.

Notice, in addition to inline moderation, there are options to share the topic on social media or to email the topic.


What's New

The What's New menu item is the title given the activity stream function in this community site's structure.

Still signed in as Sidney, select the What's New link to show the activity.



Trusted Community Member

This experience assumes  Quinn Harper was assigned the roles of moderator and resource contact.

Login with

  • username : quinn
  • password : password

Once signed in, notice there is a new menu item, Administration, which appears because the member was given the role of moderator. 


The home page is identified by the first menu item, Assignments.  Quinn is the moderator and enablement resource contact and was not enrolled in any enablement resources or learning paths, and so there is nothing to display.


What there is, is activity by the two learners, Riley Taylor and Sidney Croft.  By selecting the Administration link to access the Moderation Console, Quinn is able to use the bulk moderation console to moderate their posts.  

Selecting the side-panel icon toggles open the filters used to search community content.

Hovering over a comment card displays moderation actions.


Reports on Author

There are two ways to access reporting on learners and enablement resources.

On author, navigate to the Communities, Resources console, where the enablement resources are managed, and after selecting a community site, it is possible to generate reports for

  • all enablement resources and learning paths
  • one specific enablement resource or learning path 

Navigate to the Communities, Reports console, and generate reports according to 

  • assignments to enablement resources and learning paths
  • posts to a community site over a specific period
  • views (site visits) of a community site over a specific period
  • posts and views may be to all content, or to specific content :
    • Forum
    • Forum Topic
    • QnA
    • QnA Question
    • Blog
    • Blog Article
    • Calendar
    • Calendar Event

Resources Console

With a little activity and interaction with the Resources on publish, viewing the reports on author is worth a look.

  • on author
  • sign in with administrative privileges
  • navigate from the main menu to Communities > Resources
  • select the Enablement Tutorial site
  • select the Report icon for a summary of all Resources
  • select a Resource and then the Report icon for a report on that Resource

Notice that it is likely too soon to show data from Adobe Analytics, which can take from 1 to 12 hours to appear.  However, basic SCORM reporting is already available.

Ski Lessons Resource Report


Ski Lessons User Report

  • select Communities, Resources
  • open card Enablement Tutorial
  • open card Ski Lessons
  • select Report, User Report

Reports Console

The Reports console allows for generation of reports on

  • Assignments for any enablement community site
  • Views for any community site
  • Posts for any community site

For reports on assignments : 

  • on author
  • sign in with administrative privileges
  • navigate to Communities, Reports, Assignments Report
  • select a Site from the pull-down menu (select Enablement Tutorial)
  • select Group (select Community Ski Class)
  • select an Assignment (select Ski Lessons)
  • select Generate

For reports on views : 

  • on author
  • sign in with administrative privileges
  • navigate to Communities, Reports, Views Report
  • select a Site from the pull-down menu (select Enablement Tutorial)
  • select Content Type (select all)
  • select a date range (select Last 7 days)
  • select Generate