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Video quality is low. 


By default, the adaptive streaming algorithm starts with lowest bit rate video and progressively goes up in quality based on the user's bandwidth.

The design of the bit rate switching algorithm – and common to most players that support adaptive streaming - starts with the lowest common denominator that everyone can view. If you start with a higher bit rate that some users cannot handle, then those users are left with a bad experience. For example, the video buffers and does not play from the beginning. With our approach, the user can see the video immediately without any buffering before the viewer settles on the quality their bandwidth can support.

You can override the default behavior by specifying the initial video bit rate to use when streaming. This way, customers can make that trade off decision themselves – lower quality for the masses or higher quality with potential for bad buffering experience.

Two other options are:

  • Provide a stateside to ensure that the video is the same size as how it is embedded on the site.
  • Remove lower bit rate videos from the AVS (see req=set).


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