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Why InDesign?

InDesign lets you create and publish content like flyers, brochures, books, digital magazines, e-books, posters, and interactive PDFs. With professional layout and typesetting tools and seamless integration with other Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, InDesign saves you time by automating mundane tasks.

Explore the workspace 

When you open InDesign, your workspace displays a few key features:

  • Tools that let you select content, create shapes, adjust page size, apply color themes, and other common tasks are found in the Toolbar.
  • The Properties panel allows you to set global document options like the number of pages, margins, and page size. Select an element in your design to get specific settings — with text selected, for example, it shows formatting options like font, size, and color.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the app is where you zoom, navigate, and check your document for issues.
Key workspace panels isolated in front of a blank document

Get your project started right

InDesign is flexible, so you can start each project how you choose. Get a jump start with an Adobe Stock template or start from scratch. Set up the number of pages you need, frame where the content goes with margin and column guides, and adjust page sizes in the Properties panel. Add consistent elements to your documents, like page numbers to master pages, in the Pages panel.

Add your design content

It’s not just about the words on the page. It’s about how they look, too. Stylish typography, rich graphics, images, and tables enhance the story you’re telling. 

  • Place a wide variety of graphic and image types, including the flexible Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. And seamlessly add visuals from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Stock.
  • SVG and variable fonts let you try out a huge range of styles using just a single font file, while OpenType fonts put every character in a font right at your fingertips. In the Properties panel, experiment with paragraph shading to add depth to your text, and see how borders can completely change the feel.

Work smarter with built-in features

Create high-quality work faster with tools built for collaboration.

  • Make changes quickly and maintain formatting consistency with Paragraph, Character, and Object Styles.
  • Import comments from a PDF for review and accept or reject changes in the context of your working file.
  • Use Creative Cloud Libraries to easily save and share assets, like colors and graphics, across your InDesign projects, between Adobe apps and with other people. So you can work with the same resources from anywhere.

Longer documents

From brochures to books, you can manage multipage documents with ease. 

  • Use Create Alternate Layout to create multiple versions of a brochure in the same document — for different languages, for example. 
  • When you change the page size, page margin, or bleed of your document, the Adjust Layout feature intelligently reflows the page elements in your layout.
  • Automate the creation of tables of contents, indexes, footnotes, and other time-consuming materials.

Take your print content digital

Take an existing flyer for your business, add links to your website, save it as a PDF, and email it to customers. Or create an interactive experience like a digital magazine or e-book in the Animation panel: Add audio and video files, hyperlinks, buttons, forms, and animations. And create slideshows using a single object made of multiple versions, or “object states.” Share it with others as an EPUB or PDF, or choose Publish Online to get a link for viewing in a browser. 

Fiesta Fresh’s menu displayed on a digital tablet

Adobe InDesign is a deep and powerful layout and page-design application. With it, you have enormous creative potential at your fingertips. To begin your journey, start with a strong foundation in the fundamentals. There are a lot of resources out there to help, including the InDesign getting started video series.

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