Lightroom Classic crashes intermittently as you quit the application.

Product version affected

Lightroom Classic CC version 7.0 and later

Operating system

Windows only


This issue occurs when Lightroom Classic is configured to Use Graphics Card in the preferences with DirectX enabled.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Update your graphics card driver.

    On your Windows machine, download the most recent driver directly from your graphics card manufacturer's website:

    NVIDIA drivers
    AMD/ATI drivers
    Intel drivers

    Perform a clean installation of your graphics driver

    When upgrading the graphics card driver, it is recommended that you remove all previous versions of the graphics card driver from your computer before installing the new one. This is called a clean installation.

    Once you’ve determined the make and model of your graphics card in your computer, follow your card’s manufacturer documentation and resources below:

    After installing the updates, relaunch Lightroom Classic.


    • Windows update won't always give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturer’s website to check for driver updates.
    • Be sure to choose the correct driver. Notebook drivers sometimes have a different name than similar desktop drivers.
    • Some video adapter manufacturers have other software that requires updating in addition to the video driver. Read the update instructions carefully, or contact the video adapter manufacturer directly if you don't understand the instructions.

  2. Force Lightroom Classic to use OpenGL instead of DirectX.

    1. Choose Edit > Preferences.
    2. In the Preferences dialog, go the Presets tab.
    3. In the Presets tab, click the Show All Other Lightroom Presets button.
    4. In the File Explorer, navigate to the Lightroom folder.
    5. Visit the link and download the config.lua file. Copy the downloaded config.lua file into the Lightroom folder mentioned in the previous step.
    6. Relaunch Lightroom Classic.

    The System Info dialog (Help > System Info) should display the config.lua flags entry as shown below, indicating that Lightroom Classic is now using OpenGL instead of DirectX:

    Develop.PreferOpenGL = true

  3. Turn off the Use Graphics Processor option.

    1. In Lightroom Classic, choose Edit > Preferences
    2. In the Preferences dialog, click the Performance tab.
    3. Deselect Use Graphics Processor.
    4. Relaunch Lightroom Classic.

The crash issue should now be resolved. 

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