Questions about your bill? Find answers to common billing questions.

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Why did my bill go up?

The most common reasons for a higher bill are:

  • A promotional price ended.
  • A trial converted to a paid plan. See how to cancel your plan.
  • You purchased an Adobe Stock premium image or images beyond your plan allotment.
  • The price in your region increased recently.
  • Your bank charged a fee for debit card usage.

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Why am I being double-charged?

Two similar charges are often due to the following:

  • You canceled an annual plan early and were charged a cancelation fee. 
  • You missed the previous payment.
  • You placed an order multiple times.

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I didn't buy anything from Adobe. What's this charge?

Unexpected charges are often because:

Learn more about unexpected charges.

Why did I receive a payment reminder from Adobe when I already paid?

A payment reminder might be because:

  • You have more than one plan.
  • Your credit card expired. 
  • The address for your credit card changed.

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Why can't I update my credit card information?

If you can't update your account, try:

  • Using a different browser.
  • Updating it tomorrow if it is your billing/renewal day.

Find solutions to updating your credit card.

Why is there an extra charge on my bill?

An extra charge could be because:

  • You were charged a fee for canceling your plan early.
  • You purchased additional Adobe Stock images.
  • A trial product converted to a paid plan.
  • An annual plan just renewed.
  • Your bank charged a fee for debit card usage.

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How long does a refund take?


Refunds usually take three to five business days to process and be credited to your account. 
 In some cases, refunds can take up to ten business days to be credited.