Smooth skin in portraits

Introduced in Photoshop 22.0, learn how to use Neural filters to smooth skin in your portraits

Before and after Skin Smoothing

Follow these simple steps to use Skin Smoothing on your portrait:

  1. Select Neural Filters

    Choose Filter > Neural Filters from the main menu in Photoshop.

  2. Download the Skin Smoothing filter from the cloud

    If the filter shows a cloud icon next to it, then you need to download it from the cloud before you can use it for the first time. Simply click on the cloud icon to download the filter. 

    Download Skin Smoothing filter

  3. Enable and adjust the filter

    • Turn on the Skin Smoothing filter by clicking on the circle and adjust the sliders to create the desired effect.
    Enable Skin Smoothing

    • Choose how you want to output the results, to the Current Layer, Duplicate Layer, Duplicate Layer Masked, New Layer, or Smart Filter
    Save as

    • Tip: To toggle between the before and after preview for each filter, click on the preview mode icon in the lower left corner of the gallery.
    Before and after toggle
    Toggle between before and after views


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