Stand-alone timestamps for e-signature agreements

If your company has regulatory compliance needs to capture a timestamp, but you do not require the use of digital signature certificates, then enabling the stand-alone timestamp may be the option for you!

About stand-alone timestamps

Customers that require a cryptographic timestamp in their agreements, but do not want or cannot use digital signatures, have the option to associate a timestamp to the Certification Seal that is applied to all agreements generated in Adobe Acrobat Sign.

This allows for compliance with some regulatory and industry requirements like the Electronic Books Maintenance Act in Japan.


The stand-alone timestamp feature is currently disabled by default.

Enterprise-level accounts that wish to enable the service, please contact your success manager.

Stand Alone Timestamp


Stand-alone timestamps can also be used with a custom timestamp provider.

How the feature is used

Once the feature is enabled for the account (or group), no further action is required by the admin or the sender. 

The cryptographic timestamp will be associated automatically to the Certification seal for all agreements until the feature is disabled.

How to enable/disable

Navigate to Account > Account Settings > Security Settings > Timestamp

  • Check the box to Apply a timestamp to certification seals of agreements containing only e-signatures
  • Click Save
Navigate to the Stand Alone Timestamp controls

Things to know...

Associating a cryptographic timestamp to the Certification Seal generates a small, but perceptible, increase in file size and processing time.


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