Page not accessible in Adobe Target VEC


Target Standard

Target Premium


  1. Load the website in a browser window, outside Adobe Target and append the parameters mboxEdit=1 and mboxDisable=1 to the URL
  2. If the website retains these parameters and renders successfully, then it can be edited in the VEC
  3. If the website truncates either one or both of these parameters, the parent URL cannot be edited in the VEC
  4. If there is point 3, you must need to whitelist these parameters on their website. This can be done by the website Developers/Admins.

This scenario usually occurs in case of Single page Applications. Target adds two parameters (mboxEdit=1 and mboxDisable=1) while opening the website in the Visual Experience Composer. These Parameters are necessary to load a page in visual composer, as they trigger the Target-VEC.js and Target-VEC-helper.js to be loaded in the VEC. These JS libraries are responsible to author the website in the VEC.