Learn how to use Adobe Authenticator, the authentication app from Adobe, for 2-step verification.

Download and use Adobe Authenticator

Adobe Authenticator is an authentication app from Adobe, which provides a convenient and secure way to sign in using 2-step verification. Adobe Authenticator is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also use Adobe Authenticator on your connected smartwatch.

In addition to generating a verification code that you can manually enter, Adobe Authenticator also sends you a notification on your device. To sign in, simply tap Approve.

authorization
authorization

Adobe Authenticator is available for iOS and Android. Here are the download links:

To set up Adobe Authenticator, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install Adobe Authenticator on your device. The download links are available in the previous section, Download and use Adobe Authenticator.

    If you haven't already activated two-step verification, you need to activate it.

  2. Sign in to your Adobe account with your Adobe ID and password, or with your social (Facebook or Google) account.

  3. In the left navigation pane, click Password and security.

    Password and security
  4. In the two-step verification section, click Manage.

    Manage 2-step verification
    Manage 2-step verification


    If you do not see the Manage button, first set up 2-Step verification as explained in Set up 2-step verification

  5. In the section Additional methods of verification, click Set up.

    Set up Authenticator app
  6. In the Set up authenticator app window, click Next to install the Authenticator app.

    Set up authenticator app
  7. Open Adobe Authenticator and click Scan Code to scan the QR code displayed on the screen. Alternatively, you can enter the key displayed on the screen.

    Scan the QR code
    Scan the QR code

    The app generates a code for pairing with your Adobe account.

    App pair code

    Enter the pairing code from the app in the given field to finish linking your account and activate two-step verification.

Once the code is verified, a confirmation is displayed. 

When you enter your Adobe ID and password in the sign-in screen, Adobe Authenticator sends a notification to your device, prompting you to approve the sign-in.

Approve sign-in

Open the notification, and you can see the options to either approve or decline the sign-in authorization.

To sign in, tap Approve.

authorization

Alternatively, you can manually enter the verification code generated by Adobe Authenticator.

Enter a sign-in code manually

Frequently asked questions

At a time, you can only use one authenticator app. To use another authenticator app, remove Adobe Authenticator first.

No, you do not have to keep the app open to receive push notifications.

You do not need an active Internet connection to launch the app. However, you need an active Internet connection to register the app and to use notifications to sign in.

Alternatively, you can sign in by typing the code generated by the app, for which your phone does not need to be connected to the Internet.

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