Using web fonts from Typekit in Muse

With Muse, you get direct access to fonts from Typekit, a subscription service for premium commercial fonts. You can try a limited selection of fonts from the Typekit library with any level of Creative Cloud plan — and if you’ve subscribed to a paid plan, you’ll have access to the full library with thousands of fonts. See our walkthrough for a step-by-step description of using Typekit with Muse.

You can check your plan level anytime on your Typekit account page. If you’re on a free plan and want more fonts, it’s easy to upgrade anytime.

Web font hosting - Plan for pageviews

Typekit hosts the fonts that you decide to use on your website. This means that if you select fonts from the Typekit library and then publish your site in Muse, Typekit will automatically host those fonts and connect your Typekit account to your website. Typekit then tracks the number of site pageviews you get so that foundry partners are paid appropriately for the use of their fonts.

Your pageview limits on Typekit will vary by plan. If you exceed the pageviews for your plan level, you may be responsible for overage costs — so it’s important to check this in advance of publishing in Muse.

Your pageview quota is noted on your Typekit account page, where you’ll also find current usage information for the current month.

Additional information

Typekit does not automatically shut off your fonts if you exceed the page view limit on your subscription. If you're consistently above the limit, the Typekit support team will contact you via email to request that you upgrade to a plan with a higher page view limit.

Free Creative Cloud plans are still eligible to use fonts from the Typekit Limited library. If you want to cancel your monthly Creative Cloud subscription but retain access to the full Typekit library, you can sign up for a standalone plan with Typekit. See for more information, or email

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