Max connection limit reached in database for Adobe Campaign Classic


Maximum number of connections reached in Adobe campaign classic.



The number of opened connections in the Database has reached the configured limit.

Note: For On-premise deployments, you can check and modify the above mentioned values in serverConf.xml, and for Hosted deployments raise a request to Adobe Campaign Support.


For heavily loaded servers, the connection threshold might be exceeded. In any event, it is useful to find out why.

1. The Adobe Campaign connection threshold, available in two places:

     a) Tomcat side: all queries actually arriving on the Adobe Campaign Tomcat client. This threshold is configured in the nl6/tomcat-8/conf/serverConf.xml file. The maxThreads attribute lets you increase the threshold of the number of queries processed at a time. It can be changed to 250, for instance.

<Connector protocol="HTTP/1.1" port="8080"



               enableLookups="true" redirectPort="8443"

               acceptCount="100" connectionTimeout="20000"

               disableUploadTimeout="true" />

<Engine name="Tomcat-Standalone" defaultHost="localhost">

          <Host name="localhost" appBase="./" unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true">


      b) Database: set of all connections open at the same time on the database by a process.This threshold is configured in the file nl6/conf/serverConf.xml. The maxCnx attribute located in datasource pool lets you increase the threshold of queries processed simultaneously.

    <!-- Data source-->

      <dataSource name="default">

            <dbcnx NChar="" bulkCopyUtility="" dbSchema="" encrypted="" login="" password="" provider="" server="" timezone="" unicodeData="" useTimestampTZ=""/>

                <sqlParams funcPrefix="">



            <pool aliveTestDelaySec="600" freeCnx="0" maxCnx="90" maxIdleDelaySec="1200"/>



2. If the issue is faced even after increasing the maximum connections, please reach out to Adobe Campaign Support for further investigation.

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