General guidelines for implementing Campaign Classic

Discovery and Requirements

Your consultant or partner will conduct a discovery workshop to help define the implementation requirement.

During this phase, your consultant or partner collects information on various design aspects, such as Access Management, Data Management, Content and Offer Management, Campaign Design and Execution, Reporting needs, integration with other systems, and Automation and optimization of the process.


Read out Campaign Classic product description to learn key capabilities, limitations, offers and related IT infrastructure resources. 


Before installation and provisioning steps, the architecture and environment setup needs to be defined according to the size of the recipient population, and the existing IT infrastructure. Key pages are listed below.

Check capabilities, limitations and infrastructure

Installation and Provisionning

Following the discovery sessions, the Adobe Campaign account is provisioned and configured. The whole installation and configuration process is described in the Installation Guide. Key links are listed below.

Configuration and Implementation

Your consultant or partner works with your company's technical team to decide on and implement the processes outlined during the discovery phase. Before starting any implementation, consult the Campaign Classic Deprecated and Removed features page.

Additional configurations

Tables and schemas

Forms and navigation

Feed the database

Campaign creation

Data management and workflows

Sending and Tracking


The documents listed in this section provide information on the activities performed prior to the email being sent from Campaign, including a deliverability checklist, which is used to verify the setup before the Campaign starts sending out mails.

Users, permissions and security



The documents listed in this section provides information on the package creation and deployment process to move the objects across different environments. It also lists some sample tests that should be carried post the deployment of package.


Depending on the hosting model (Hybrid, On-premise or Managed Services), customers may not have access to the complete set of capabilities. Some procedures can only be performed by Adobe. Learn more.