General guidelines for maintaining Campaign Classic

Instance monitoring dashboard

The Monitoring tab, which is accessible from Campaign Classic homepage, is the main entry point to help you monitor your instance.

It provides a dashboard of what is occuring on your instance:  its status (build version, installed packages, etc.), system indicators, logs,  workflows that are currently running, state of last sent deliveries, etc.

Detailed information is available here.


Monitoring Campaign Classic processes

Additional ways of monitoring the different Campaign processes are available. For more information, refer to the sections below.


Learn how to monitor your instance

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Learn how to monitor workflows

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Learn more on how to monitor the database

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Learn how to monitor deliveries

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Monitoring your instance

Automatic monitoring tools
Several automatic methods are available. to help you monitor your instance. You can, for example, set up email reports with detected anomalies, retrieve a list of indicators in XML format, etc. Click here for more information.

Audit trail
The Audit trail allows you to visualize the complete history of changes related to options, workflows and schemas within your instance. Click here for more information.

Control Panel
The Control Panel allows you to manage several settings of your instance: manage URL permissions, check your instance details like your servers' build versions, etc.

It also allows you to It also allows you to monitor the available space on the SFTP servers that are connected to your instance. 

Click here for more information.

Please note that the Control Panel is accessible to Admin users only, and available for all customers using Adobe Managed Services.

Monitoring workflows

Workflow HeatMap
The Workflow HeatMap provided a visual representation of all the workflows that are running on your instance. It allows you to easily monitor the load on the instance and plan workflows accordingly. Click here for more information.

Audit trail
The Audit trail allows you to visualize all the modifications that have been made in workflows, as well as their current states. Click here for more information.

Workflows troubleshooting
Specific actions can be performed when encountering issues with a workflow execution. Click here for more information

Workflow status monitoring
Additionally to the heatmap, you can create a workflow that will let you monitor the status of a set of workflows and send recurring messages to supervisors. Click here for more information.

General guidelines
Following guidelines and best practices when using workflows can help improve performances. For more information, refer to these sections:
- Best practices when using workflows
- Monitoring workflow execution

Monitoring deliveries

SMTP reports
SMTP reports display delivery statistics and SMTP errors by domain. Click here for more information. 

Best practices
Best practices for delivery sending and designing can help you improve their performances.

Delivery troubleshooting
Specific actions can be performed when encountering issues with deliveries:
Deliverability issues
- Image display issues
- Delivery performance issues
Temporary files issues - on premise hosting models only

Monitoring the database

Database cleanup workflow
The Database cleanup workflow allows you to delete obsolete data from your database. It is recommended to avoid exponential growth of the database. Click here for more information.

Database performance troubleshooting
Specific actions can be performed when encountering issues with database performances. Click here for more information.

Database maintenance
on-premise and hybrid hosting models only
We recommend that you perform database maintenance on a regular basis to avoid overconsumption of disk space, thus affecting database access. Click here for more information.

 Backup & restoration
on-premise and hybrid hosting models only
Backing up is essential in order to avoid losing data in the event of a problem (whether physical or system-related) on a machine. Click here for more information. Restoration procedure is described in this section.

Campaign Classic technical principles

Technical resources are available in Campaign Classic documentation. We recommend you get familiar with these topics before performing any technical operation on your instance.