When a workflow is executed from inside a campaign, it goes into a Start as soon as possible state. It never moves to In Progress or Finished state even after several hours. This prevents the business user from executing workflows on Campaign instance


Version: 6.0.2, 6.1.0, 6.1.1
Build: All builds


This issue is caused when the background process responsible for running them are not working. Manual intervention is required usually to put them back in service.


Steps to resolve

  1. Go to Administration > Production > Technical workflows > Campaign process 
  2. Check whether workflow Campaign Jobs (Internal name operationMgt) is running. If it is not, check for last error received, fix the problem and restart workflow. 
  3. If there is no error, restart the workflow to ensure it is not stuck in an inactive state.
  4. If operationMgt is already running, check whether server module wfserver is running. This process is responsible for running all workflows and if it is not running, none of the workflows run. 
  5. If the process is not running contact customer care. In on-premise installation, restart the service.
  6. If above steps do not resolve the problem, this is most likely caused because number of campaign processes running on the instance are more than the threshold. There is a limit defined on how many campaign processes can run on the instance in parallel. This limit is defined by option NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency under Administration > Platform > Options. This threshold can be achieved by failed deliveries, paused workflows and currently running workflows that are associated with a campaign. 
  7. Stop unwanted workflows and delete failed deliveries to bring within threshold 
  8. In some cases, increasing the value of the option NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency if the problem is frequent helps.

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