We receive an error while using the transfer file activity in ACS to download a file located on the same server - 
Timeout was reached CRL-290002 Download error in cURL


Error while downloading file from SFTP of the same campaign server using transfer file activity.
Error displayed may be :

  • Timeout was reached CRL-290002 Download error in cURL
  • no  file found , mask<filename>
  • You are not authorized to enter absolute path


All ACS environments


There can be two causes:

  1. Customer choosing the option SFTP instead of choosing File(s) present on the Adobe Campaign server option like this :
  2. Incorrect Location provided in the file path field after selecting File(s) present on the Adobe Campaign server. See below :


Make sure you have not selected the SFTP option in the Transfer file activity and selected a SFTP external account. This configuration does not work when the file is present on the same server


Make sure the option File(s) present on the Adobe Campaign server is selected and location for the file path is not entered as /<filename> or /*.csv as given here .

We need to make sure the username of the sftp needs to be appended before the filepath so if the file name is EMEA_target_header.txt and sftp user name is sftpuser the complete filepath should be sftpuser/EMEA_target_header.txt


Additional information

Make sure the folder in which the file resides has proper rights otherwise you

may get the message in workflow logs saying : No File Found