Troubleshooting delivery log updates on marketing instance

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Summary Learn what to do if you notice that delivery logs are not updated on your marketing instance if you are in a mid-sourcing configuration.
Digital Marketing Solutions Adobe Campaign 5.11, 6.02, 6.1, 6.1.1, 7
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This article applies to mid-souring configurations only.

Some errors ma cause delivery logs synchronized to the marketing instance to display wrong data. For example:

  • Pending status for delivery logs.
  • Sent reports showing 0 records.
  • Processed and Success values all look correct when checking the Messages to send.



  1. Connect to the Marketing instance and locate technical workflows in Administration / Production / Technical workflows. Make sure that both of these workflows are correctly started.
    • Mid-sourcing (delivery counters) - internal name: defaultMidSourcingDlv.
    • Mid-sourcing (delivery logs) - internal name: defaultMidSourcingLog.
  2. Log in to the Mid-sourcing server
    1. Find the same delivery as on the execution instance by filtering on the name/label or remote ID.
    2. Look for status = Sent in the delivery logs.
  3. If there are Sent delivery logs:
    1. In the Technical Workflows folder, find the Mid-sourcing (delivery logs) workflow.
    2. Verify if the workflow is running without error.
    3. In the workflow's Journal, check to see that the Updated records are being inserted in a few seconds.

Standard behavior

In a Mid-source configuration several workflows synchronize and update statistics from the Mid-sourcing server, including:

  1. Mid-sourcing (delivery logs)
    • Purpose: copy the delivery logs from the Mid-sourcing server to the Marketing instance.
    • Schedule: hourly
    • Performance depends on the implementation: FDA (more efficient) or SOAP, machine load, number of records, machine specifications, and so on.
  2. Mid-sourcing (delivery counters)
    • Purpose: update the delivery counters from Mid-sourcing to the Marketing instance.
    • Schedule: every 10 minutes.


If either of the workflows mentioned above are not actually updating records in the Marketing Instance, then:

  1. In the Marketing instance, locate the following workflows, by default in Administration / Production / Technical workflows:
    • Mid-sourcing (delivery counters) - internal name: defaultMidSourcingDlv
    • Mid-sourcing (delivery logs) - internal name: defaultMidSourcingLog
  2. Stop the workflows using the Stop method or right-click on the workflow and select Actions > Unconditional stop.
  3. After it has been stopped successfully, restart the workflow then right-click on the Scheduler activity and choose Execute pending tasks now.