Adobe Campaign offers Data Controllers three possibilities for performing GDPR access requests: Via the Privacy Core Service integration, the Adobe Campaign interface, the API. The tutorial explains how the create GDPR requests via the Adobe Campaign Standard interface.

1. Create Namespaces

Before creating GDPR requests, you need to define the namespace you will use. The namespace is the key that will be used to identify the Data Subject in the Adobe Campaign database.

2. Modify custom resources

When setting up ACS for GDPR you need to ensure that any custom data that is linked to a profile is deleted when the profile is deleted. This video explains how to modify your custom resources in order to fulfill this requirement

3. Creating a GDPR request using the Adobe Campaign interface

In order to help you facilitate your GDPR readiness, Adobe Campaign allows you to handle Access and Delete requests. This videos demonstrated how to manually create GDPR requests and track their evolution in Adobe Campaign Standard.

4. Execution of GDPR requests

In Adobe Campaign privacy requests are executed by workflows. This video describes which workflows access and delete requests and what happens when they are executed.