Creating profiles

In Adobe Campaign, profiles are used by default to define the main target of messages.

To add or update a profile in Campaign, you can:

  • enter data using the graphical interface screens,

  • import a profile list from a file,

  • collect data online, via landing pages,

  • create bulk via REST API.

As an example, to create a new profile directly in the user interface:

  1. From the Adobe Campaign home page, click the Customer Profiles card or the Profiles tab to access the list of profiles.

  2. Then click Create.

  3. Enter the profile data.

  4. Click Create to save the profile.

The profile will now appear in the list.

Profiles can also be partitioned depending on their organizational and geographical units. To add the organizational and geographical fields to your profiles, refer to the Partitioning profiles section.


The preferred language field is used to send multilingual messages. By default, if the field is not completed, the profile will receive messages in EN_US language. More information about the multilingual messages here.

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