Functionality Description
Reporting for Fatigue Management

Reporting for Fatigue Management is a dedicated, configurable report displaying the impact fatigue rules have on deliveries across the Email, Push, SMS, and Direct Mail channels within a specified date range before send. With the added insight of being able to quickly see all conflicting campaigns in a single view, marketers are able to plan marketing campaigns according to set the fatigue rules more effectively, and prioritize communications.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

Report sharing

Report Sharing allows you to share your reports with Adobe Campaign users as an email attachment including on an automated recurring basis. Users who receive recurring reports have the ability to unsubscribe from these communications via a dedicated link in each email.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

Push improvements

Push Message Preview - Preview push notifications on iOS and Android devices from within the push notification content editor to see exactly what your recipients will see before testing or executing the delivery. For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

Content Available - When apps are not opened over longer periods of time, their data can become outdated. This results in the data having to be updated or replaced at the moment a user finally opens the app, which can cause delays in using the app. With the added support of Content Available, Adobe Campaign users can wake up their app to refresh its data in the background when delivering a push notification, enabling greater consistency and control over a user’s in-app experience.

Mutable Content - With the added support of Mutable Content, Adobe Campaign users can now leverage their mobile app extensions to further modify the content or presentation of arriving push notifications sent from Adobe Campaign. For example, users can leverage Mutable Content to:

  • decrypt data that was delivered in an encrypted format
  • download images or other media files and add them as attachments to a notification
  • change the body or title text of a notification
  • add a thread identifier to a notification

For more information on Content Available and Mutable Content, refer to the detailed documentation.

Warning: These updates on push notifications require customers to upgrade their mobile applications. Refer to this technote for more information.

Time-zone optimized deliveries

Schedule recurring Email, SMS, and Push notifications to be delivered at a specific day/time in every recipients’ time zone ensuring that your messages are delivered at the right time without setting up multiple deliveries.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

API Signal activity triggering

It is now possible to trigger a signal activity for your workflows directly from Adobe Campaign Standard API.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.



  • The profile search has been optimized to improve performance.

  • The internal identifier of default security groups is now in read-only mode for standard users.

Emails, SMS messages and direct mail

  • Fixed a display issue which occurred when inserting emojis into the content of your deliveries.

  • Fixed an issue which allowed the user to access sending logs when the delivery was still in edition.

  • The Scheduler activity now allows you to send your deliveries depending on the recipient's time zone.

  • SMS: The option Store incoming MO in the database has been added to external accounts. When checked, all incoming SMS will be stored into the inSMS table.

  • SMS: Services are now attached to an event instead of a transactional template.

  • SMS: The default SMTP connection timeout has been reduced to 30 seconds.

Push notifications

  • Fixed an error that prevented push notification deliveries from being stopped.

  • Added an option in push notification advanced options to wake up the application with a push notification.

  • Added a pause button for the push notification preview video.

  • The push notification preview is now available for different devices such as iPhone, Android, tablets.


  • Fixed an error which displayed rates over 100%.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from downloading reports in CSV.

  • Added a new Report item in the homepage.


  • Fixed an issue which led to an error message when using additional data in a query and adding aliases containing spaces. The non-alphanumeric characters are now replaced by "_".

  • Fixed an issue where the technical workflow calculating KPIs could be stopped by default in some cases.

Profiles and audiences

  • Fixed an error that occurred when adding multiple filters in an audience's query.

  • Fixed a display issue that occurred when changing a profile's picture.

  • Added a tooltip displaying the exact result number after counting the population of a query.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from selecting an audience or closing the audience picker window.

  • The list of available functions in the expression editor has been updated. The FormatCurrency and ConvertCurrency functions have been removed.

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