Custom roles

This feature helps you define custom roles and assign specific responsibilities to set of users. This feature enables you to assign responsibilities outside the purview of the individual’s existing role.

You can create a custom role to provide authoring capabilities limited to a particular catalog. You can also create a role dedicated to manage reporting. Such roles can then be assigned to individuals who are supposed to take up these specific responsibilities.

Create a custom role

  1. Log in as an Administrator. Open Users > Custom Role.

  2. Select Create Role. The Create New Role tab opens.

    Create new role
    Create new role
  3. Enter the Name of the Role.

  4. Account privileges: These privileges give the role owners access to specific system configuration aspects and which act on the entire account. Choose the access permissions. The user gets full control over assigned permissions.

    Note: Scope is not applicable on these privileges.

    Set account privileges
    Set account privileges
  5. Feature privileges- Core features: Used to grant access to specific features for managing learning activities. Permissions to the following features can be given using this option.

    • Catalogs
    • Reports
    • Tags
    Set core feature permission
    Set core feature permission
  6. Feature privileges- Learning Objects:  Use this option to provide access to LOs related features. You can provide access to the following LOs.

    • Certifications
    • Courses
    • Job Aids
    • Learning Programs

    You can also grant specific operation control for the LOs. The permission can be one of the following:

    • Full Control
    • Edit and delete
    • Enrollment
    • Report
    Set LO permissions
    Set LO permissions
  7. Scope for feature privileges: The scope of Feature privileges allocated to this role can be restricted to a specific User Group or one or more Catalogs.

    Catalogs: Use the radio button to provide control over All catalogs or use the Set access per Catalog option to provide access to specific catalogs. You can also select multiple catalogs.

    User Groups: Provide access to All User Groups or use the Set access per user group option to provide access to specific user groups. Only a single user group can be specified.

    Note: If you have selected Announcement, Gamification, Email Templates, Skills, and Users under Account Privileges, the User Group access is provided to all user groups by default and this option is disabled.

    If you have selected Learning Plans under Account Privileges, access to all Catalogs and User Groups is provided by default and these options under Scope is disabled. 

    Define scope of privileges
    Define scope of privileges
  8. Users: Use this option to determine which users are assigned this role. You can choose one or more users using the search box.


    • You cannot search User Groups.
    • You cannot search users who already have Admin role assigned to them.
    • Assigning a new custom role to a user overrides user's previous custom role.
    Select users
    Select users

Access a custom role

When an Administrator assigns a custom role, you receive an email notification. 

Note: If you are already logged in to Prime under a custom role, you would require to relogin to Prime to access the new role.

To switch between roles, click your profile icon on the upper-right corner of Prime and select the role.