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Adobe Captivate contains a new feature, Access Adobe Resources, and a few bug fixes.

Note: Adobe Captivate is a cumulative patch. You can upgrade to this build directly from, and you get the patch automatically. 

Access Adobe Resources

The Access Adobe Resources dialog box provides updates and announcements on Adobe Captivate, such as the following:

  • Availability of patches
  • Upcoming events, webinars, and trainings
  • Blog entries
  • Customer roadshows
  • Conferences
  • Upgrade information
  • Tutorials

The dialog box also contains links to Adobe technical support, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe Captivate forums, and blogs. You can post your queries on any of these websites and get answers from the Adobe Captivate community and Adobe technical team.

Each time a new announcement is made from Adobe, the Access Adobe Resources dialog box automatically appears on your Adobe Captivate screen. If you find that this pop-up is intrusive, you can disable the dialog box (using the Preferences icon in the dialog box). When there is a new announcement, a number appears on the Access Adobe Resources icon in the Application Bar of the user interface. (If there is an unread announcement, the number is incremented.) You can then open the dialog box manually (Help > Access Adobe Resources) to view the announcements.

Issues fixed in this patch 


  • An AICC-compliant Adobe Captivate course doesn't launch if the web server on which it's hosted and the LMS are on different domains. (The LMS tracks the course.) 
  • When you launch a SCORM-compliant course, the SWF file hangs at the loading screen.
  • In a SCORM-compliant course, when the last button in the project is enabled for reporting, the slide duration and status aren't updated correctly in the TOC.
  • When users take a SCORM-compliant course on Mozilla browsers, you see inconsistent reporting in LMS.
  • The status of a course is shown as 'Incomplete' if a user scores anything below 100%.


  • During the recording of audio for a project, the audio device changes automatically after recording for a few slides. 


  • On Mac OS, publishing a project to Microsoft Word fails in the following scenarios:
    • Any text caption or slide note in the project contains a backslash ("\"). And the project is published with the Caption Text and Slide Notes options enabled. 
    • The project includes questions from a Question Pool. The project is then published with the Use Table In The Output option disabled, and the Caption Text and Include Objects And Questions options enabled.
  • When a project is published to Microsoft Word with the Step-By-Step option enabled, the icons/images do not appear clearly in the output file. 
  • "SWF compilation failed" message appears, when:
    • You preview or publish a project that contains double quotes in the Internal Server configuration parameters (Quiz Preferences > Reporting). 
    • You publish a project that contains double quotes in the Project Info dialog box. 
  • Adobe Captivate crashes or displays a "SWF compilation failed" error when you publish a project that contains around 128 user variables. 


  • Even though the preloader is set (for example, to 10%), the movie does not play until the entire audio in the project is loaded.

 Installation instructions

  1. Open Adobe Captivate, and choose Help > Updates. The Adobe Application Manager appears.
  2. Ensure that the Adobe Captivate 5.0 Update under Adobe Captivate is selected.
Adobe Application Manager
Adobe Application Manager

  1. Click Update. The patch starts installing. When the installation is complete, you see the following message:
Install complete message
Install complete message

  1. Click Quit.

Alternatively, you can download the patch from this website.


Launch Adobe Captivate, and choose Help > About Adobe Captivate. If the build number is displayed as, then the patch has been installed successfully.

Verifying patch installation
Verifying patch installation


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