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Installation instructions

  • Subscription customer: Download the updater using the Updates option in the Help menu of Adobe Captivate. Choose Help > Updates, select Adobe Captivate 6.1 Update in the Adobe Application Manager, and click Update.
  • Adobe Software Assurance customer: Log on to the Licensing website using your Adobe ID credentials, and download the zip file corresponding to the updater.


The build number of Adobe Captivate 6 reads as Version when the update is applied. You can check the build number from within Adobe Captivate by selecting Help > About Adobe Captivate.

Known issues and limitations

  • If, after an incomplete drag-and-drop, you rewind the project by scrubbing the playbar or using the rewind button, dragged sources appear in their original position.
  • A connection error occurs when you preview a course with slide videos using Safari (Version 6.0 (8536.22)) or Chrome (23.0.1271.95).

Workaround: View the published output either by directly opening the files from the publish folder, or over a web server.

  • Open URL setting for Success and Failure options (for a slide or an interactive object) does not work as intended on Chrome browsers.
  • In a drag-and-drop interaction, when multiple slide-level attempts are specified, only the first attempt results are reported.
  • When courses with TOC are published as a SWF file with the Export To PDF option enabled, you cannot view the PDF on Adobe Acrobat XI.

Workaround: View the PDF on Adobe Acrobat X.