This document contains information on top issues and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Adobe Captivate documentation.

Important: If you observe issues other than the ones documented here, post a query on the Adobe Captivate forum. The experts in the community or the Adobe team will respond to your queries.

LMS integration

  • When Adobe Captivate is integrated with Moodle 2.1 or later with the AICC option, only score and completion data are reported. Interaction data are not reported
  • Projects with blank spaces in their names cannot be uploaded successfully to Success Factors.
  • Publish to Adobe Connect does not work when neuw signing authorities are added.
    Workaround: Modify the certificate, cacert.pem in the <Installation folder>/Gallery/Certificates folder to add the servers you trust.
  • When an Adobe Captivate course is shared in the Adobe Connect share pod, users cannot answer the quiz or click the buttons in the course when the share pod is resized.


  • The HTML5 output of an Adobe Captivate project does not launch if any user variable value in the project contains an apostrophe.
    Workaround: Use backslash (\) as the escape character for apostrophes. For example, if the variable value is 'It's HTML5', change it to 'It\'s HTML5'.
  • Object reflection is not displayed appropriately when HTML5 output is viewed on Google Chrome.


  • When you apply a theme or reapply the current theme in projects of size other than 1024 x 768, text on the quiz buttons get aligned to left automatically.
    1. In the current project, set the theme you want to apply as the default theme.
    2. Create a new project. The default theme is applied to the new project.
    3. Copy the master slides that contain the text captions or question slide items and paste them in your current project.
    4. In the current project, reassign the content slides to the copied master slides.
  • Character properties in text captions and question slide items do not change to match the destination theme when they are copy/pasted with the 'Paste with Destination Theme' option.
    Workaround: Select the slide with such text captions or question slide items and click Reset Master Slide in the Property Inspector.


  • When you use characters or the clean blue theme, black patches are displayed in the project output.
    Workaround: Publish the project with high quality (24-bit).
  • You may observe a blank dialog box or blank error prompts while publishing projects to YouTube. This issue occurs if the name of the Adobe Captivate installation folder contains unicode characters.
  • Publish to Microsoft Word fails on Mac OS 10.7 with MS Word 2011.
    1. Open Microsoft Word.
    2. Publish the project. An error appears: "Publish to Word failed".
    3. Publish again.

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