You can upload Adobe Captivate project files to and share with users and reviewers instead of sending the files by e-mail.

When you choose to upload or share a project, Adobe Captivate automatically publishes the file to a temporary location in one or all of the following formats:

  • Adobe Captivate project published as SWF file

  • Adobe Captivate project published with output option ZIP

  • Adobe Captivate project published with output option PDF


If you choose only CPTX for upload/share, only that file is uploaded and automatic publishing does not occur.

Uploading and sharing files

  1. Select File > Collaborate.

  2. Select either of the options:

    • Upload files

    • Upload and share files

Upload Files to

  1. If you have signed up for, specify the username and password in the Publish to dialog box.

    If you are new to or you lost your password, click the respective links to website. Follow the instructions to register or retrieve your password.

  2. After you submit the credentials, click Sign In.

  3. Specify a publish title and check the file types for upload. If files with the same publish title reside on, you are prompted to overwrite. If you do not want to overwrite, but want to upload files, provide a unique publish title.

  4. Click Upload.

Share Files on

  1. Follow step 1 to step 3 in the section Upload Files to

  2. Click Next and then enter e-mail addresses of people you want to share the files with, e-mail subject, and message.

  3. Set one of the following access levels:

    Limited access: Only my specific recipients can access and download the file:

    The recipients must log in with their e-mail addresses to access the files. The e-mail addresses using which you shared the files and the e-mail addresses using which the recipients have signed up for account must match.

    Open access: Anyone who knows the URL can access and download the file:

    People who know the link can access and download the file without signing in to