If text in a project is not displaying properly in a browser, the problem could be that a link is calling the Adobe Captivate project SWF file instead of the HTM file that corresponds to the SWF file. If you are adding your project to a web page, do not link directly to the SWF file. If you link directly to the SWF file, the browser does not know the size at which it should display the SWF file, so it simply shows the SWF file at the same size as the browser window. This can result in distortions, especially text distortion that causes text to become unreadable.

To display the SWF file in a browser properly, use the HTM file that can be generated with the SWF file. The HTM file contains code that tells the browser the correct size for the project.

When you publish your project as a SWF file, select the Export HTML option. The HTM file will be saved in the same location you specified for the SWF file. The HTM file will have the same name as the SWF file but will have the .htm extension.

If you have installed Adobe® Flash® Player 8 or later, previewing an Adobe Captivate project using a browser causes a security settings warning to be displayed. This is because of the security settings configured in Flash Player 8 or later.

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