Static widget

Static widgets are generic widgets that help you set up user interactions. Static widgets do not interact back with Adobe Captivate. This means, you cannot set up success and failure actions to these widgets.

Interactive widget

Interactive widgets change their appearance or function based on user input. You can assign success and failure actions to these widgets and make them interact back with Adobe Captivate when users interact with the widgets.

If you are a developer trying to create an interactive widget in Flash, you can explore the code for the button widget. The code gives you an idea of how to create interactive widgets. Look for the button widget, FlashButton.fla, on your computer in the \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate <version number>\Gallery\ Widgets\FlashButton.wdgt (on Windows) and /Applications/Adobe Captivate 6/Gallery/Widgets/FlashButton.wdgt (on Mac OS).

The button widget glows when the user moves the pointer over it.

  1. Insert a blank slide.

  2. Insert the FlashButton.swf file from the Widget panel (Window > Widget).

  3. Preview the slide. When you move the pointer over the button, the Button widget glows.

Question widget

You can use question widgets to add new question types in Adobe Captivate. The following procedure explains how to insert a widget for multiple choice questions:

  1. Insert a blank slide.

  2. Insert the widget MCQ_AS3.swf from the Widget panel. Two slides, one with a placeholder for the question and the other for the scores are inserted.

  3. Type the question and multiple choices as required.

  4. To insert another question, insert a blank slide after the slide that contains the question and then insert the widget again.


Use the Quiz Properties panel to edit properties such as the points scored per correct answer and the buttons to be displayed in the slides.