High-definition Screencast

Create high-definition product demos with a new capture-as-a-video workflow. Preview them instantly and publish them to YouTube, social media (Twitter, Facebook), or as MP4 files. Use the edit mode to enhance your videos with Pan and Zoom effects, or add more objects and Picture-In-Picture videos (PIP). Also, add or edit mouse paths and points that you recorded in the video. See Creating video projects for more information.

HTML5 Publishing

Publish your Adobe Captivate projects in HTML5 format for use on devices such as iPad and iPhones. See Publish projects as HTML5 files for more information.


Spend less time and effort to liven up your courses. Choose from attractive, professionally designed themes that blend backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts. Apply them within and across projects to maintain a consistent look and feel. You can also customize themes to suit your requirements. For more information, see Themes.

Smart shapes

Add a wide range of shapes, including circles, rectangles, triangles, callouts, arrows, lines, banners, and flowchart symbols, to your eLearning content. Customize them and convert them into buttons. For more information, see Smart shapes.


Add a new dimension to text, images, and even videos using reflections. See Add reflection to objects for more information.

Object grouping

Group a set of smart shapes, images, or other objects so that you can work with them collectively. Resize, rotate, time, flip, move, or format all the objects in the group as if they were a single object. See Group objects for more information.


Insert text hyperlinks to direct learners to other sections of the course or external sources for more information. See Insert hyperlinks for more information.

Text margins and custom bullets

Improve the appearance and readability of text by adding margins and custom bullets.

Pre-test and branch-aware quizzing

Use pre-tests to assess the knowledge, skill level, or training needs of individual learners. Based on the results, direct learners to the appropriate section, and quiz them at the end to gauge what they have learned. See Insert pretests for more information.

Partial and negative scoring

Assign a score to each correct option when a question has more than one correct answer. Discourage guesswork by penalizing learners for wrong answers. See Multiple-choice question slides and Quiz properties for more information.


Make eLearning content more effective and improve the percentage of successful outcomes using the all-new remedial workflow. When answering a quiz question incorrectly, let learners revisit the relevant section, understand the concept correctly, and retry the question. See Allow users to return to quiz for more information.

Enhanced integration with SCORM and AICC compliant LMSs

Publish your courses effortlessly to leading LMSs such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Saba, rest assured that your scoring data will integrate smoothly with your LMS. See Learning management system (LMS) for more information.

Smart learning interactions

Insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to eLearning content with just a click. Select from a wide range of stunning out-of-the-box interactions such as Process, Accordion, and Pyramid, customize the content and appearance, and you're done.

Click Insert > Interactions, choose the interaction, and double-click the text placeholders to type your text.

Ready-to-use character images

Choose different personas, for example, a business executive or a medical practitioner, to add to your Adobe Captivate projects. Click Insert > Characters, choose a category, and click the image you require.

Roundtrip with Microsoft PowerPoint (enhanced)

Import your existing presentations, including PowerPoint 2010 slides in eLearning projects. Bring in objects, animations and multimedia, easily update the content, and keep your PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate projects in sync with the dynamically linked import option.