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This page describes app templates and components.

A Template is used to create a Page and defines which components can be used within the selected scope. A template is a hierarchy of nodes that has the same structure as the page to be created, but without any actual content.

Each Template will present you with a selection of components available for use.

  • Templates are built up of Components;

  • Components use, and allow access to, Widgets and these are used to render the Content.

Remarque :

To learn how to develop your AEM application using CRXDE Lite, see Developing with CRXDE Lite.

A template is the basis of a page.

To create a page, the template must be copied (node-tree /apps/<myapp>/templates/<mytemplate>) to the corresponding position in the site-tree: this is what happens if a page is created using the Websites tab.

This copy action also gives the page its initial content (usually Top-Level Content only) and the property sling:resourceType, the path to the page component that is used to render the page (everything in the child node jcr:content).

Structure of a Template

There are two aspects to be considered:

  • the structure of the template itself
  • the structure of the content produced when a template is used

A Template has a node type of cq:Template.

Various properties can be set, in particular:

  • jcr:title - title for the template; appears in the dialog when creating a page.
  • jcr:description - description for the template; appears in the dialog when creating a page.

This node contains a jcr:content (cq:PageContent) node which be used as the basis for the content node of resulting pages; this references, using sling:resourceType, the component to be used for rendering the actual content of a new page.

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To learn the basics for templates and components in AEM, see the resources below:

App Properties and Nodes

Apps are represented as cq:Pages in AEM. They share the same common properties found in any cq:Page that represent integration supporting properties.

See Content Properties and Exporting Content for more details.

Remarque :

See Creating Templates and Components, to use and create pre-configured or configured templates and components for your app.