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You can create adaptive forms that allow users to add electronic signatures using Adobe Sign services. The option to use Adobe Sign services is available only for the forms that have an associated XDP form template.

To know more about eSign services, see How it Works. To know about enabling Adobe Sign on your AEM Forms instance, see Configuring Adobe Sign services in AEM Forms.


End users can sign using eSign services if their email is available in CRX. 

  1. Create an adaptive form and associate a form template with it. For more information, see Creating adaptive forms.

  2. Create a panel and drag the Verify component on the panel. This panel allows users to review and verify information before signing.

  3. Create a panel and drag the E-Sign component on the panel. This component creates a widget in which  end users can sign the form.

  4. Select the E-Sign component and tap . In the properties under sidebar, do the following:

    1. In the sidebar, select Adobe Sign services or Scribble from the Signing Service field.


      If you select Scribble flow, you are not required to select eSign services Configuration.

      Select Adobe Sign or Scribble as a signing service
    2. From the Configuration field, select from the configurations available on the server.

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