The Group console doesn't work in AEM Communities deployed on an application server


When deploying AEM to an application server with a different context path for publish instances versus author instances, then the Group management console fails to autoscroll.


Reproducible steps:

  1.  Set up Apache Tomcat 8.5.x

  2. Install an AEM author instance and AEM publish instance via war file deploy under /aemauthor and /aempublish contexts (respectively).

  3. Set up the AEM Tunnel service with the proper context /aempublish configured (in the OSGi configuration):

    a. Go to /system/console/configMgr/
    b. Set context path to /aempublish

  4. Go to /aemauthor/communites/groups.html/content and see that autoscrolling isn't working, it gives a 403 error.

The same problem occurs for /aemauthor/communites/users.html as well.

This problem only occurs when you have a context configured other than root /.


AEM 6.3 with Communities Package installed


This is caused by the identified product bug CQ-4246013, who has been backported into Service Pack 3.

This service pack will be available on September 12th 2018.


Install AEM 6.3 Service Pack 3.

The link for download will be shared via the public Product Update notification.



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