The /cache section controls how Dispatcher caches documents. Configure settings to implement your caching strategies:


Dispatcher 4.1.11 onwards


Response header caching is enabled with a new setting /headers in the /cache setting. The sample dispatcher.any in the distribution package contains a commented sample:

   # Cache response headers next to a cached file. On the first request to
      # an uncached resource, all headers matching one of the values found here
      # are stored in a separate file, next to the cache file. On subsequent
      # requests to the cached resource, the stored headers are added to the
      # response.
      # Note, that file globbing characters are not allowed here.
      #  {
      #  "Cache-Control"
      #  "Content-Disposition"
      #  "Content-Type"
      #  "Expires"
      #  "Last-Modified"
      #  "X-Content-Type-Options"
      #  }

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