Create a project mood board to relay information, ideas, visuals and color palettes to teams and clients.

Search for a hand-drawn style

Search for “hand drawn” on Adobe Stock and enable the Color filter with one of your brand colors.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘hand drawn’ shown in search field.

Find customizable hand-drawn accents

Enter a new search on Adobe Stock for “hand painted brush” and enable the Vector filter to find additional design elements.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘hand painted brush’ shown in search field.

Customize vector artwork with your brand color

Open the brush artwork in Illustrator, apply a brand color from your Library, then copy the artwork from Illustrator.

Vector-based artwork, shaped like a brush stroke, selected in Illustrator with a green color applied to it.

Complete your mood board in InDesign

Add all of your mood board elements to your layout, then paste and position the vector accent from the clipboard.

Green brush stroke shape set to be semi-transparent and positioned over other images in InDesign.

The final result

Now you can showcase your creative vision with beautiful photography and hand-drawn artwork while maintaining the style of your brand.

A mood board design featuring many different green images from Adobe Stock, including photos, drawings, and paint swashes.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.

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