Design and visualize your custom designs with realistic packaging templates from Adobe Stock.

Find a template to help you create your mockup

Search for a packaging template that will help you create a custom design for your promotional campaign.

Search result screen from Adobe Stock after searching for coffee bags.

Search for additional assets to elevate your design

Search for text effects and vector artwork that can quickly allow you to build your design.

Two detail pages of the geometric shapes and text effect asset from Adobe Stock to be used in the design.

Apply your own colors to the packages

Double-click the color Adjustment Layers of the packages in order to apply your own colors.

Image of coffee package with Photoshop color picker panel open to color package purple.

Select artwork to add from the vector art file

Open the vector artwork file in Illustrator to select design elements and copy them to your clipboard.

Vector artwork of geometric shapes and lines with zig zag selected.

Add custom artwork to the design

Double-click the label Smart Object in order to paste and position new artwork, then close the file to return to your resulting design.

The Smart Object open with the zig zag vector art highlighted to be pasted.

Create your title using the text effects template

Open the file in Illustrator and activate the missing fonts or choose any font that is active on your system. Change the text and the font of the title in Illustrator, then select and copy the title to the clipboard.

The Illustrator Appearance panel with the title text effect selected.

Add the title artwork to the package designs

Paste the title into the Photoshop design as a Smart Object, then position and scale the artwork into position. Explore additional design ideas by repeating this process for the other bag.

The Paste dialog box with Smart Object selected with the custom text effect title highlighted.

The final result

Now you have your custom packaging design applied to a photo-realistic template in just a matter of minutes.

A realistic mockup of two customized coffee bag packages with bold type and geometric shapes for a company promotion.


Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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