In this article, we give you step-by-step instructions to create an Analytics Admin using Admin Console (enterprise dashboard).


Due to some nuances in the Marketing Cloud/Admin Console, here is how to create an Analytics user and make them an Admin in Analytics.


  • Marketing Cloud
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Reports&Analytics
  • Admin Console


How to make an Analytics Admin:

  1. Invite user to the Admin Console (Enterprise Dashboard).

  2. Click Products > Analytics.

  3. Click Product Admin Tab.

  4. Add user as a product Admin for Analytics (which does NOT create an Analytics account).

  5. Create a group/product config.

    • Make sure that the group is mapped to the Reports & Analytics Access group (old permissions).
    • New permissions: Click the Permissions tab and add the Reports & Analytics tool to the group. Hit Save.
  6. Add the user to the Reports & Analytics group/product config you created.

Give your system 10 minutes (and the end user must accept the invite in the case of Adobe ID). Then they are Admin in Analytics. Do NOT use the default group or add users to it. It would be wise to delete it once you set up a few groups.

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