Data model concepts

Adobe Campaign comes with a pre-defined data model. This data model can be modified by administrators who are able to add new resources or extensions to existing resources.


Creating and modifying resources are sensitive operations which must be performed by expert users only.

The Administration > Development menu, accessed via the Adobe Campaign logo, allows you to manage your custom resources, publish them, and access the diagnostic tools.

The data used by Adobe Campaign is defined through different resources.

You can enrich the data template that is provided by creating your own custom resources, such as purchase or product tables.

Out-of-the-box resources (such as campaigns, emails, or audiences) cannot be modified. However, custom resources can be extended to add new fields.


You can find a datamodel representation for the out-of-the-box resources here.

You can also configure the navigation in the screens corresponding to the resource created.

Extension fields are generated with a prefix so that they never conflict with the out-of-the-box fields.

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