Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 hotfixes


AEM 6.3 SP1: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 Service Pack (SP) 1 is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.3 in April 2017. The service pack includes:

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.6.3.
  • Support for enhanced desktop actions on multiple assets using Desktop App in Touch UI.
  • Support for user configurable connection timeout parameters for  Marketing Cloud solutions (Analytics, DTM, Target and S&P).
  • Enhanced the ability of the Manage Publications feature to publish complex site hierarchy.
  • Refined the Iparsys’ capability to reflect text edits in pages.
  • Improved version purging for assets.Optimized AEM performance when publishing assets to Brand Portal.
  • Enabled management of flexible content models and JSON API.  See Enabling JSON Export for a Component.
  • Resolved translation issues with AEM Content Fragments.
  • Improvements in Communities file library, spam detection, moderation UI and enablement features.
  • Added support to run AEM Forms on Oracle Linux 7.1 running on Oracle EXA Platform.
  • Added ability to list DAM Assets in Form Portal view & search.
  • Ability to choose CRX asset dynamically for Process Management task.

For more information, see AEM 6.3 SP1 release notes.


Adobe introduced a single delivery model for releasing fixes recently. Instead of releasing hot fixes for single issues, Adobe releases a Cumulative Fix Pack (CFP) every month (subject to passing quality checks), which is an aggregator content package for multiple fixes. CFPs primarily include bug fixes but might also include Feature Packs. They have the following advantages over single hotfix releases:

  • Cumulative in nature (for example, CFP3 contains fixes for CFP2 and CFP1).
  • Increased quality assurance
  • Simplified installation (User installs a CFP as a single package that has no dependencies, except for the latest service pack)

For more information on CFP and other releases, see Maintenance Release Vehicle.

The Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack is available on the Adobe Package Share and the release notes at



AEM hotfixes do not benefit from the same level of quality assurance as service packs or product releases, therefore must be always validated first on a staging environment as part of your quality deployment processes.


Fixes for the Oak repository used within AEM are provided via Cumulative Oak Fix Packs.

For the latest information, see the Oak Cumulative Fix Pack release notes