AEM Multi Site Management Frequently Asked Questions

See below for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) compiled from AEM Support Tickets and community forums .

For further information, please contact directly the AEM Support Team through the Support Portal  .


MSM LiveSync Actions are highly configurable. Which properties or components are modified during rollouts directly depends on properties of those configurations .

Please read this article dedicated to this precise topic.

Components that have edit bars have to be selected via the checkbox at the right-hand side of the bar.

To select this checkbox, use [cmd] or [shift] + click on MacOS and [ctrl] or [shift] + click on windows .

There is no "rollout" privilege that can be set or removed for AEM Pincipals (user/group) .

Either :

- A customization of the product UI can be implemented to display or not the Rollout actions for a given principal.

- Write privilege can be removed from the LiveCopy tree for authors that are not allowed to roll-out .

If a Blueprint page is rolled out, it either will update its Livecopy page or create a new Livecopy page if it didn't exist yet (rolled out for the first time, or Livecopy page manually deleted) .

In this latter case however, if a page without a cq:LiveRelationship mixin exist with the same name, this page will be renamed accordingly, before the livecopy page is created.

By default, the rollout expects either a linked live copy page , to which the updates of the blueprints will be rolled out, or no page at all, in this case a live copy page is created. 
If a "standalone" page is found, MSM chooses to rename this page, and create a separate, linked live copy page.

Such a standalone page present in a Livecopy sub-tree is typically the result of a Detach operation, or the former Livecopy page was manually deleted by an author, then re-created with the same name .

To avoid this : use the Livecopy "Suspend" feature instead of the "Detach" .
More details on the "Detach" action in this Documentation page.

This is linked to the action of moving/renaming a Blueprint Page.

In the current versions of MSM, a moved/renamed Blueprint sub-tree is linked to its Livecopies sub-tree *at their old location* .

This means that once the blueprint move is perfomed , the live copy page at the old location becomes a new live copy copy directly linked to the new blueprint location .

Here is a concrete example  :

Let's take a Blueprint website /content/BP with a Livecopy /content/LC

We rename /content/BP/a/page to /content/BP/a/pageRNM

Consequence :

1) The corresponding live copy page /content/LC/a/page becomes a standalone Livecopy as a result of the move .

A cq:LiveSyncConfig is added under its jcr:content node, with a cq:master pointing to the blueprint new location /content/BP/a/pageRNM .

2) A cq:excludedPaths property is added on the cq:LiveSyncConfig node of the root live copy page /content/LC to exclude the new location a/pageRNM

This way, further rollouts will roll out blueprint pages at the new location to linked live copy pages at the old location, rather than creating new live copy pages at the new location. 

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