Material Repeat Tool (MRT) | Scene7


Where do I download the MRT? Where can I get the Photoshop plug-in for Image Authoring?


The Material Repeat Tool (MRT) is a Photoshop plug-in you can use to create a full-tile repeat. It allows you to select the rough rectangular location of a material repeat in a scanned sample. Then, it automatically finds the boundaries and creates the repeatable texture and lets you preview it.

If you have Photoshop, the Material Repeat Tool is installed when you install Image Authoring (IA).

On the system with IA installed, if you open Photoshop and select the image, choose File > Automate > Material Repeat. You can also find more about the Material Repeat Tool in the IA Help.

You can run the IA setup.exe to get the necessary files. You do not need an IA license key to run the installer and get the MRT files. During the installation, be sure to check the box for Material Repeat Tool. After the IA install completes, follow the above step to open it in Photoshop. If Photoshop isn't picking it up, then see the IA ReadMe file. Look under the section Manually Installing the Photoshop plug-Ins, for how to manually install the files.

Currently there is no Mac OS version available of the MRT.

MRT is a 32-bit plug-in and works with PS CS5 32 bit. Since the path is different for the 64-bit version of PS, it doesn’t install there. It is not an option in CS5 64 bit.