Use Adobe Photoshop Mix to combine the power of Adobe Photoshop software with the convenience of mobile for a creative, easy-to-use photo editing experience on your iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, Android device, or Chromebook. The ability to cut out images, mix them, and edit images non-destructively means your original photo stays untouched. Additionally, the Creative Cloud-connected workflows in Mix open up limitless creative possibilities.

General information

Adobe Photoshop Touch 最初的开发目的是在功能完善但有限的应用程序中,提供 Photoshop 工具子集。Photoshop Mix 完全专注于重新混合图像。它通过 Adobe Creative SDK 云服务以及与 Photoshop CC 和 Lightroom CC 等应用程序的集成拓展其功能,从而让您挥洒更多创意。

Mix 运用 Creative SDK 开发而成,在兼具连接和编辑功能且易于使用的应用程序中,为移动设备提供以往只在我们的专业桌面产品中提供的特性和功能。

适用于 iPad、iPad Pro、iPhone、Android 设备或 Chromebook 的 Photoshop Mix 可通过 iTunesGoogle Play 应用商店免费下载。

对于 iOS 设备,Photoshop Mix 目前提供以下语言版本:英语、法语、德语、日语、意大利语、西班牙语、葡萄牙语(巴西)、波兰语、俄语、朝鲜语、简体中文、繁体中文、瑞典语、土耳其语、丹麦语、荷兰语、芬兰语、挪威语和捷克语。

对于 Android 设备,该应用程序可提供英语、法语、德语和日语版本。

请访问 iTunes App StoreGoogle Play 中的 Photoshop Mix 页面,了解最新系统要求。

通过 CreativeSync,可在一个工作流程中流畅地穿插使用移动设备上的多个应用程序。

在 Photoshop Mix 中,可在新的 Photoshop Fix 应用程序、Lightroom for mobile、Comp 和 Sketch 中流畅地穿插处理作品。Mix 还与 Adobe Spark Video 和 Adobe Spark Page 兼容。 

要了解有关 Photoshop Mix 的更多信息,请访问 Adobe Photoshop Mix 产品页面


请观看有关如何开始使用 Photoshop Mix 的全面教程。

Using Adobe Photoshop Mix

Tap the + icon at the left side of the screen. You can either take a picture using the camera, or select an existing image from the Camera Roll, Creative Cloud, Lightroom, and more.

The main function of Photoshop Mix is to cut out and combine photos. However, the Adjustments menu provides a set of features that you would commonly expect in an editing app.

  1. Open or add a picture in Photoshop Mix.
  2. Tap Adjust. The Adjust toolbar displays.
  3. Tap Auto Fix to apply the best adjustments.
  4. You can also select an adjustment mode such as Exposure, Contrast, Clarity or Saturation. Swipe sideways to adjust the degree.
  5. Accept the changes.

Adobe Photoshop Mix contains several pre-defined filters called Looks. Apply a look to a complete picture, a layer, or even apply a Selective Look to a portion of one photo. Here’s how to apple a general Look:

  1. Tap Looks.
  2. Tap to select and preview a look.
  3. Tap Accept to apply the look.

Adobe Photoshop Mix contains several pre-defined filters called Looks. You can apply a look to a complete picture, or a part of the picture. To apply a look to a part of the picture or layer, do the following:

  1. Select a layer and tap Looks.
  2. Tap to choose and preview a look.
  3. Tap a selection tool and paint over an area of the picture or layer. The Look is applied to the selected area.
  4. Tap Accept to apply the look.

You can cut out parts of a picture to isolate the parts that you need. For example, you may want to isolate the object from the background.

  1. Select a picture or layer.
  2. Tap Cut Out.
  3. Use the selection tools to select the area to isolate or cut out. The rest of the picture is masked.
  4. Accept the changes to cut out the object.

  1. Open a picture or composition.
  2. Tap Crop.
  3. Select a crop type, and then drag the crop handles.
  4. Tap Accept.

Photoshop Mix provides access to Content-Aware Fill, powered by Creative Cloud. You can use Content-Aware Fill to remove unwanted objects from a picture. When you use this feature, the picture is uploaded to Creative Cloud, processed, and the result is returned to your device.

  1. Open a picture and tap More Edits and then tap Content-Aware Fill.
  2. Use a selection tool to select the unwanted object or area.
  3. Tap Fill

The picture is uploaded to Creative Cloud and the result is displayed.

Sometimes the camera does shake while the picture was taken, and it may not be an option to retake the picture. Shake Reduction, powered by Creative Cloud can help reduce the blur caused by camera shaking.

  1. Open a picture, tap More Edits, and then tap Shake Reduction. The asset us uploaded to Creative Cloud.
  2. Choose a rendition and tap Accept.

Objects may not appear upright in a picture due to perspective distortion. Upright, powered by Creative Cloud, removes the distortions due to perspective or camera lenses.

  1. Open a picture, tap More Edits, and then tap Upright. The asset us uploaded to Creative Cloud.
  2. Choose a rendition and tap Accept.

You can save a Photoshop Mix composition as a PSD file for further editing in Photoshop CC.

Tap the Share icon and then choose Send to Photoshop.

The composition is uploaded to Creative Cloud and rendered as a PSD file in your Creative Cloud Assets.

After you follow these steps, your Mix creation is automatically loaded as a layered PSD file for further creative editing in Photoshop CC on your desktop. Be sure to sign in to Photoshop CC with the same Adobe ID used to sign in to Photoshop Mix.

No. The latest update of Photoshop Mix lets you selectively synchronize projects to your device. With selective syncing, the app stores only the minimum metadata required for each project on your device. The rest of the metadata is fetched from the cloud when needed. You no longer need to manually free up space when you’re running low on storage.