Troubleshoot failed posts

Adobe Social interacts with many different platforms. Therefore, the communication between them can experience difficulties at times. This article outlines the troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of a failed post.

Identify the failed post

By default, failed posts automatically send an email notifying the user of the failure and its associated reason. If you or another user in your organization has disabled these emails, you can find the error message by doing the following:

  1. Go to Publish > Content Calender.
  2. Filter by post status (Failed), and ensure that the date range is correct.
When you hover the mouse over the red  icon, a description of the cause of failure appears as a tool tip. A list of the most common failures is listed below.

Causes of failed posts

The publisher for this page is not correctly authorized: This error message occurs when the platform alters permissions for posting and requires reauthorization. Go to the respective account settings page for that platform and reauthorize it.

Status over 140 characters: Twitter imposes a hard limit of 140 character for its tweets. Scheduled posts that exceed that limit fail with this error. Ensure that your post does not exceed this character limit.

(__-){ Twitter is over capacity: If you navigated to, you would see the familiar "Fail Whale" with a message that Twitter is down. Try again when Twitter is back online.

Status is a duplicate: If a post is scheduled with similar text and time, only the first post succeeds. Subsequent postings fail with this message. No action is required for this error, because the post is already on its respective social network.

OAuthException: Error validating access token: If the account has its password changed, this error displays for each subsequent post. Reauthorizing the account allows these posts to be successfully published.

TIMEOUT or HTTP 503: Adobe Social experienced issues contacting the social platform's servers. This message usually indicates an outage on the social platform's end. Try reposting again later.

GooglePlusAPI::GooglePlusAPIError: This error is currently the only known message that Google+ returns. The simplest method to resume posting is by reauthorizing the account.

If none of the above messages match your error tool tip, contact Customer Care.